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As a former All-American swimmer and swim teacher I want my girls to learn the correct strokes from the beginning because I know how hard it is to relearn if taught incorrectly. Mark focuses on technique while also ensuring they get a great workout. Despite the longer travel time and not the most convenient schedule for our family we still come because Mark is that great! It is very hard to find private or semi private lessons that come close to comparing with his lessons in my opinion. He truly seems to care about making each swimmer the best he can be.

Amanda, Bedford MA

As an adult I’ve always been embarrassed not knowing how to swim. I’ve taken swim classes off and on at the local YMCA during my teenage years, but it was always a challenge. The YMCA group classes had too many students and there was less individual attention. I started semi-private lessons (2-3 students) with Mark and he is the only instructor that has successfully taught me how to swim!

Mark is an amazing swim coach and really focuses on good form and technique. He is very patient and explains the technique in detail. As a good coach, he will encourage you to work harder and challenge you, but never force you if you are uncomfortable. In the 8 months spent training with Mark, I’ve learned the front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke, treading water and lots of swimming drills. He is a wonderful instructor and I would highly recommend taking his lessons! Mark can teach anyone, young and older how to swim! Thank you Mark!!


Being an avid swimmer myself I wanted my son to learn how to swim as soon as possible so that we can enjoy it together, we tried Brookline Aquatic Center then Boston Sports Club but when you see amateur teenagers teaching swimming lessons it’s disappointing. We started with Mark when my son was 4 and it was a real pleasure to see a professional at work (Mark . The instructions are in English and Russian which was perfect for my son, now he is 7 and enjoys every minute in the pool and we continue taking lessons with Mark!

Andrei D., Waltham MA

I am happy to give my highest recommendation to Mark Roizman as a swimming instructor!

Neither of my boys were enthusiastic swimmers, despite my repeatedly enrolling them in YMCA swim classes when they were very young. Because he never learned to swim well enough to pass a basic swim test, my older son lost out on a great learning opportunity to enroll in a summer boating class when he was a teenager, which I will always regret

My younger son, David, who is now fourteen, has also consistently resisted all advice about swimming being an important life skill. Even though he has spent his last six summers at a camp located on a lake in Quebec, he resisted learning to swim there, as well, despite swim lessons being built-in to the camp’s daily routine. As a result of his not being able to pass the basic swimming test required by the camp, he was shut out of many of the water-based camp activities.

This past March, we were fortunate enough to be referred to Mark Roizman. David reluctantly agreed to “try it out.” After his first private lesson with Mark, he agreed to sign up for one private lesson and one group lesson per week at the club with Mark, in the hope of getting him up to camp standards before he left for Quebec at the beginning of July. He persisted with these lessons, even though he had dropped out of several swimming classes when younger, and even though he was the oldest student by several years in the group lesson. Given his initial ability level, my son confided to me that he did not hold out much hope of being able to learn quickly enough to get him up to the necessary level before he left for camp, but Mark’s style of acute observation and direct, immediate and concrete feedback was perfect for our son. In just four months of instruction, David improved from being a novice swimmer to being able to pass the camp swim test easily.

When he returned from camp at the end of August, David regaled us with tales of all the new activities in which he was able to participate. Beyond just swimming, he was able to go kayaking, canoeing, and windsurfing. For the first time in his camp career, he was able to go on a three-night camping trip, which involved kayaking to the campgrounds involved. It was one of the highlights of a very good summer. He also was the proud winner of the camp’s annual award for “Most Improved Swimmer.”

This fall, he has eagerly resumed his private lessons with Mark, with his focus now on achieving lifeguard level standard — one of the qualifications needed to be a counselor at his beloved camp.

We are thrilled not only with our son’s new skill in the water, but also with the eagerness which he now shows for continuing to improve his swimming ability. We wholeheartedly recommend Mark Roizman as a swimming instructor, even for those students initially reluctant to learn.

My only regret is that I wish we had found Mark before our eldest son went off to college…

Andrea B.

My 10-year-old son has studied swimming with Mark for 5 years, and it has been an extremely positive learning experience for him. Mark treats his pupils with kindness and respect, but with high standards and understanding of personal traits, strengths and weaknesses.

At the beginning stages, Mark trains his smallest pupils to function correctly and safely in the water: he is extremely patient, and very reassuring to them and to their anxious parents!

As the pupils advance, Mark masterfully breaks down swimming strokes and kicks into learnable pieces, and they improve and strengthen their form and execution. Mark always has an eye towards conditioning, too, but he paces the class carefully and the students end up with the ability to carry on longer distances with strength and wonderful form. It is very reassuring to me that my son is a strong swimmer now, and that he has a deep store of physical stamina, which I credit swimming for. Mark Roizman and his teaching has been an extremely valuable part of my son’s education. Thank you thank you thank you Mark!

Liz C., Bedford MA

Mark’s depth of experience as a swimming coach and teacher is unmatched in this area and brings a wonderful opportunity to this community. No other swimming organization offers his seasoned understanding of teaching the fundamentals step-by-step and slowly building upon each fundamental to produce real swimmers. His program differs so greatly from others that I can confidently say that my children have learned twice as fast with Mark versus other programs we’ve tried. These children are learning how to swim competitively in a small group setting and a warm environment. Children who have failed at other lessons for months on end have come to Mark and have quickly learned to swim. His serious demeanor and strict teaching style are unrivaled. He commands the children’s attention and respect by holding high standards and expecting the children to meet them. All the while he is calm, gentle, caring and warm. This winning combination has our children seeking his approval, listening intently and working their hardest to earn a “good job” from Mark. His approval is worth its weight in gold and it shows in the children’s esteem.

Jen M., Lexington, MA

Mark’s Swim Academy is a fabulous place for children of all ages to learn how to swim. Mark has worked wonders with my boys during their swim lessons over the past couple years. He has gained my children’s trust and continues to give them the confidence they need in order to improve their swimming. The lessons are fun but no-nonsense at the same time. Mark with his endless patience is truly a great swim teacher.

Laura C., Burlington MA

Mark’s Swim Academy stands in a class by itself. It is so unique to find a swim program of this caliber where the Instructor has such an extensive background of teaching experience and long history of working with children. Mark is a master at being able to pinpoint very quickly the strengths and capabilities of each individual child. My own two children, ages 6 and 9, benefit each week from Mark’s tremendous coaching experience and serious, focused teaching style. They are motivated to do their best, and encouraged to take a sense of personal pride in their best efforts. They continue to learn with amazing speed and success the safety skills and competitive swimming techniques that Mark teaches with clarity and consistency each week.

Rachael B., Bedford MA

While we were taking swimming lessons from another place, I heard about Mark around town and thought we should try it out. After only a few sessions we saw tremendous improvement in how our son Michael was swimming. Even after joining a pool for the summer (that had swimming lessons right there…much more convenient) my husband said “you can’t do that….you know Mark gets the best results”. I agreed with him. Then we started our son Joe too! Mark knows how to help each child get better. He’s a professional instructor that has the experience with children and the knowledge of how to teach them to learn how to swim. It’s a great gift to give a child.

Jane and Dave P., Bedford MA